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Editorial insights: Fit, coherence and craft

Harry T. Dyer and I have been burning the midnight oil editing a New Media & Society special issue on ‘Understanding the Social in a Digital Age‘. This is what I’ve learned. Continue reading “Editorial insights: Fit, coherence and craft”

What does it mean to be ‘social’ in a digital age?

As social media and big tech like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (GAFA) become increasingly dominant, it seems the social is at once all around us and also increasingly elusive. Continue reading “What does it mean to be ‘social’ in a digital age?”

New job! Joining UAL in September

As of September, I will be a new member of the Media School in LCC (London College of Communication) at the UAL (University of Arts London). Continue reading “New job! Joining UAL in September”

Understanding the Social in a Digital Age

I am delighted to announce that Harry Dyer and I are organizing a conference at University of East Anglia next January:

Continue reading “Understanding the Social in a Digital Age”

How to create a future-facing education: Developing our new MA in Media & Digital Communications

One of my greatest joys recently has been working with our team at Regent’s University London to develop and create our new MA in Media and Digital Communications.

Continue reading “How to create a future-facing education: Developing our new MA in Media & Digital Communications”

Thinking through “emerging media practice”

Recently, I was asked to give a short presentation on what “emerging media practice” means to me and how this concept informs Continue reading “Thinking through “emerging media practice””

Signed my first book contract for ‘The Social Media Age’!

I am really pleased to share that I have signed the contract with Sage for my first book, titled ‘The Social Media Age: Power and Participation in a Connected World’. Bring on 2019! Continue reading “Signed my first book contract for ‘The Social Media Age’!”

Transforming Digital Student Experience in HE

Over the summer, I attended the ‘Transforming the Digital Student Experience in HE‘, organized by ModernGov, which promised to provide:

“the necessary tools to advance the student experience, through examining new modes of digital learning and using technology to improve student  engagement.”

Continue reading “Transforming Digital Student Experience in HE”

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